All About KITTEES!

Hi! I'm Mandie Bee and Kittees is my creative passion project!
I originally came up with the  "KitTEE"  idea in 2011, but it took some time before I had a chance to bring it to life! 
It is 1 part Dad joke, 1 part fashion, and 2 parts feline...
Kitty + Teeshirt = Kittees!
(ok, you get it) Yes, my dad still thinks it's hilarious. 
Mandie Bee  | Kittees first year exhibiting at CatCon
(My first time vending at CatCon, 2017)
It wasn't until 2016 that I made my first design.  
So, I was living in a tiny studio apartment in the French Quarter of New Orleans with my then boyfriend. I wasn't able to have a cat in this apartment, but I really longed for a feline companion.  I've almost always had a pet cat around since I was very young. I have a special connection with them, like I know so many Cat Conners, do as well. Not having a little buddy around was apparent in my world and I very much longed to have the company of a cat again. So I wanted to do something creative that involved cats, and that's how Kittees came to be! ( In 2017, I did adopt a grey tabby named, Desmond, but I'm sad to report he recently crossed the rainbow bridge this year. Big. Sad.) 
I wanted to produce Kittees to share with other cat enthusiasts and to give myself a creative project that was fun for me. Most of my designs are inspired first BY CATS, of course, and then by subculture puns, my affinity for the occult (see The Cat and the Ouija Cat), and cute mid-century themes (See, Hip Kitty)! 
Kittees are original graphic designs made by me with the cat lady in mind.   Most of the designs are drawings of cats I actually know, like my friend Carina's cat, Alton is my featured in the "Don't Touch Me" tee. 
And my  darling Desmond,  in the "Cat Call" tee.  It's the only Cat Call you really want, am I right, ladies? 
Live Fast, Die 9 Times! features a cat I met when I was living in the Caribbean. Her name is Ojo and I managed to snap this awesome photo of her mid-yawn, which somehow just made me think of that Circle Jerks song "Live Fast, Die Young"....but clearly- with a kitty spin on it.  
When I started Kittees, I envisioned working with other artists. I'm happy to announce my first collaboration with a friend and tattoo artist, Goonies. She made the artwork for 'As Above, So Below'  I am always looking for fun and creative ways to collaborate with artists. 
A percentage of Kittees profits are donated annually to charity
to assist cats in no-kill shelters, facilitate the opportunity for adoptions,
and educate the public about cats.
In the last 2 years, Kittees has donated over $1,000 to organizations such as:, Tiny Tigers Rescue, and a few small local operations that assist kitties in need. 
I aim to donate approximately $500 to local charities and rescues for 2020. 
Kittees is a registered trademark. All artwork is under copyright. 
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