What are you wearing to Cat Con 2018???

CatConWorldwide is coming back to the Pasadena Convention this August 4th and 5th!  Have you been?? It's a BLAST!!! Get your tickets here
CatCon is a sensational event that's been going on for the last 4 years for cat lovers and soon-to-be cat parents alike. They have guest speakers, adoptions, a great variety of vendors, and more. Plus you can find top of the line and unique items for your fabulous felines...
Kittees was lucky to go as a vendor last year as a brand new company and nearly sold out of all our merchandise.  I had no idea how the crowd was going to respond to my designs, but I was completely delighted to leave with empty boxes and racks and hundreds of satisfied Classy Cat Ladies.  Thank you!!!
I wasn't able to make it into a vendor spot this time around because I've been changing the structure of how I run my business- I  wasn't prepared for the expenses of going this year, but I DO have my eyes set for next year and I can't wait!
.... CatCon ALSO has a Cat CosPlay component.
Yes, people dress in their best cat imitation or Cat Lady clothes.  
*images borrowed from CatCatWorldwide.com
That being said-  why not prepare yourself to make a Classy Cat Lady fashion statement??  CatCon is officially 19 days away from today, which means there's still time to order any of our Kittees  or items from our Boutique Section
All Kittees orders support the nationally recognized non-profit organization, AlleyCat.org
So you can look good while feeling good about your purchase.
Your Purrrrchase...
See you at CatCon!!!
-Mandie Bee 


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