I'm Mandie Bee and Kittees is my most recent creative endeavor...

My story begins in Excellent San Dimas, California,
where I lived with my two tuxedo kitties, London and Franki.
I originally came up with the  "KitTEE"  idea in 2012.
It is 1 part Dad joke, 1 part fashion, and 2 parts feline...
Kitty + Teeshirt = Kittees!
(ok, you get it)

After the very sad death of my best little buddy, London, I decided to make some serious life changes...
I moved away from the home I knew to the Caribbean with my boyfriend (who happens to be a Leo....he's just a big kitty, really) where I helped work in his Youth Hostel. This was the beginning of my travel adventures and experiences in foreign places.
I trained a local cat to help greet our guests at the door, her name is Ojo. Out of all the street cats on the island, she was the most sociable and intelligent.  I painted a sign at the front which read "please be seated, the cat will be with you shortly" and within 30 seconds,
Ojo would be in the lap of a loitering guest on the front porch.
After leaving the Caribbean, I found myself nestled in the
French Quarter of New Orleans.
I wanted to produce Kittees to share with other cat enthusiasts
and to give myself a creative project that was not only fun, but would allow
my inner curious cat explore the planet.
Kittees are original graphic designs made by me with the cat lady in mind.
All shirts are made to order in the United States.
A percentage of Kittees profits are donated annually to charity
to assist cats in no-kill shelters, facilitate opportunity for adoptions,
and educate the public about cats.
Just in case you were wondering,
Franki is happily living with
my parents and is a major purr factory when I come home to visit.
Much Love,
Mandie Bee
I've moved back to my home in San Dimas. I still visit with Franki, but she's so happy with my family, I've decided she can stay there. Everyone is happy about it, especially the Franki Cat. 
I've adopted a new kitten. A Silver Tuxedo Tabby cat we call
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