I'm Mandie Bee and Kittees is my happy project and creative endeavor...

I originally came up with the  "KitTEE"  idea in 2012.
It is 1 part Dad joke, 1 part fashion, and 2 parts feline...
Kitty + Teeshirt = Kittees!
(ok, you get it)


I wanted to produce Kittees to share with other cat enthusiasts
and to give myself a creative project that was fun!
Kittees are original graphic designs made by me with the cat lady in mind.
A percentage of Kittees profits are donated annually to charity
to assist cats in no-kill shelters, facilitate the opportunity for adoptions,
and educate the public about cats.
Much Love,
Mandie Bee
My Cat Family:
Esme, Adopted August 2021
My best friends that have crossed the rainbow bridge:
London and Franki