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CatCon From Your Couch - Ordering Information

Hello! So happy to be a part of CatCon From Your Couch again!!

I am opening the majority of my T-shirts for custom ordering. Ship date will be before or by April 30. 

What does this mean?  If I don't have your size in stock, I'll have it made for you!  (if it is in stock, I'll ship it right away!)   

I have a SALE section- these items are not available for custom ordering. 

Why? In part, the color tees are no longer available so I am discontinuing them.  Also, I gotta make room for all the new Kittees!!!




*SOME of my items are printed at other facilities and shipped directly to you. (coffee mugs, phones, blankies) Your order may arrive in more than one package. 

Any questions, you can always send a message through my contact form. 

Thank you SO much for Supporting Kittees! I am a one-woman show. I do this for FUN and I do this for charity.